2005 giant dh team review

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Jul 28,  · I just purchased a faith 3 and just found out another local shop has a giant dh team that he bought at closeout from giant. it is a and is brand new. I told him i just got a faith 3 and he said he would trade. I want to know if i should trade. The price he has for the dh team is and i . Mar 21,  · dude thats way too much bike for you. if you are saying you are coming from a gaint warp there is no way that you are gonna want the karpiel. my friend was in your position and he owned a warp also and he went to a giant ac1. as the dh team goes i would look elsewhere,if you are looking into race bikes there is a another ripping deal on a turner dhr for or somwthing, but idk if those can. The bicycle looks good, may have minimal cosmetic (only) blemishes on the frame, fork, components, parts and/or accessories. The bicycle may require minimal service adjustments without the need of replacing any parts. The suspension (if applicable) and braking surfaces are clean with some signs of usage yet free from grooves & pitting. The World's biggest biking photo gallery of photos like, crashes, north shore. Giant-DH-Team Nashua, New Hampshire. rpb Giant-DH-Team in: Bikes - DH views. Linkage damage. Does not effect the operations of linkage. But will need new hardware bolts and bearings kit from.

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Giant DH Team Downhill Full Suspension user reviews: out of 5 - 15 [Jun 10, ]. mark I ride a large and have problems with really tight switchbacks. Hey there fella's, I was wondering if anyone rides an 05' Giant DH Comp, I ride an 04 team and traded him frame, cranks, and rear wheel and. Parts, Brand, Model, Additional info. Frame, Giant, DH Team, Rear Shock, Manitou, Swinger Coil 6-Way Shock. Fork, Manitou, Dorado. I have heard MANY good things about the Giant DH team, but havent heard much about the Glory (besides the glory hole ;)) I was looking. Any ideas of how much a Giant DH Comp would be worth these days? i They look alright, and have read some good reviews, what are your opinions? The top of the line 'Team' model is the 'blue' bike you refer to.

2005 giant dh team review New posts. If you haven't bought a wheel yet then make sure of the distance between the drop-outs. Matty F. Jan teqm, 2, 0 Around DC. TheInedibleHulk Turbo Monkey. Giant DH-Team; Giant DH-Team. For a more accurate value, please provide information on parts or modifications that differ from the bicycle’s factory configuration. Add Custom Options. luhost.xyz Private Party Values (Pricing provided in US Dollars) Bicycle Condition.

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Search Advanced…. Search forums. New posts. Giant DH team vs. Giant Glory? Thread starter BigMike Start date Mar 28, Enter the Ridemonkey Secret Santa !

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To participate, make sure you send your email by November 29th. Click here for details and to learn how to participate. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. BigMike BrokenbikeMike. Jul 29, 8, 0 Montgomery county MD. I have heard MANY good things about the Giant DH team, but havent heard much about the Glory besides the glory hole I was looking around at some of their new stuff, and the seem to be getting off to this Mistro suspention.

Is it really that different? How does the Glory differ from the DH team, and is it really that much better that they needed to stop making the DH team? TheInedibleHulk Turbo Monkey. May 26, 1, 0 Colorado. The Dh team, which I owned, is a single pivot with a linkage, similar in concept to a turner. The only thing that differentiates it from a plain old single pivot is a linkage that drives the shock and effects the shock rate.

The axle path on any bike like the dh team is a forward arc. The Glory suspension is one of several thinly disguised variations of what we used to call VPP. A solid rear triangle is connected to the frame via two swing links. On the glory both links swing upwards a la Sunday, as opposed to the V10 or M3 in which the top link swings forward.

The effect of this is that the axle path can be anything from verticle to rearward to a S-shape depending on where they place the pivots. I havent gotten on the glory yet but going from a dh team to a V10 there is a huge inherent difference in the suspension designs. The single pivot gives you a very connected feel to the rear wheel but doesnt work as well over bumps. The V10 eats anything you can throw at it but has a slightly more disconnected feel in the corners coming right off the giant.

Once I got used to that, I would say the V10 performed better all around. Just had to learn to trust that the rear tire was doing its job. The Glory may not feel anything like the V10, thats just my impression of the two basic suspension types based on those two bikes. My other complaint with the giant was the geo. That thing is a sled, which wasnt bad for my first season racing dh but it was anything but quick in the corners.

Regardless of what it looks like the glory is probably the best deal in DH bikes right now, and if the faith is any indication it should ride very well. The design works and I cant imagine they botched the execution too badly. TheInedibleHulk said:. Jan 25, 2, 0 Around DC. Obviously they are going to get rid of the DH Team because the maestro suspension is their whole new thing that all bikes have. I love my DH Team and i'm a huge fan of singlepivots but it seems to me giant loves having one thing that will piss people off about the bikes.

For the DH Team it was the pivots coming lose if u didn't loctite and always check them. I don't like the S moving wheelpath of v10s. SuspectDevice Turbo Monkey. Aug 23, 3, 43 Roanoke, VA. The DH team isn't really that great. I rode one for 2 seasons and maintianed one for an additonal season.

The geometry on the bike kind of sucks. Weird toptube lengths, high bottom bracket. The linkages is a pain in the ass as well. The Faith and Glory are much simpler construction-wise than the old DH, and have better geometry. Aug 10, 3, 0.

SuspectDevice said:. I was looking at a Demo8, but somthing came up, and I might be looking at one of these babies for this season. Full Trucker Frikkin newb!!! Feb 26, 6, 2, []. The Maestro suspension is supposed to be really nice, everyone I know that has ridden a Maestro bike likes it quite well, but I don't know anyone on the Glory yet. One nice thing about that bike is the value So heck, it's like buying a build kit and getting a "free" frame Jun 1, 0 Littleton.

I have actually owned both of these bikes The first major differences are obviously the geometry, the DH Team was far from nimble and racey, but it did its job. The Glory, however, since it is rando's personally spec'd race machine, has the standard super low, race geometry most of the pro's prefer 65deg HT, sub 14 BB, 45in WB, Ect. So naturally the thing is a lot quicker and more nimble than the team could ever be. Surprisingly, the glory doesn't really feel anything like a VPP bike.

The suspension design results in a super plus first few inches, followed by a super stiff and racey next few inches. The design is not affected at all by brake jack or pedal bob, unlike the DH Team, as many of you know, was severely hindered by brake jack pedalling wasn't too bad on it, but not nearly as efficient as on the glory.

I definitely have to say I prefer the feel of the glory over the DH, Giant succeeded in "creating" a suspension design that reacts appropriately to different size and shape hits. Overall I've been very impressed. My only complaint is that it comes with such a skinny handlebar 25 inches, WTF? Nov 12, 1, 0. Here's what I mentioned in the other Glory thread: I've had mine for two weeks and all I can say is that its fast, stable, and floats through the rocks.

It pedals extremely well reminding me of a Trance with 2x the travel. Cornering is very quick and stable due to in part how the suspension squats into its travel as you push through turns. It handles large hits without a whimper and jumps like a champ. The bike is trouble free right out of the box except for the single-ply Kenda tires that it was speced with. Feb 25, 5, Walden Ridge.

Jan 25, 0 West LA. Stock, the BB was almost I thought it felt much like most VPP bikes. Not a bad thing. You're right, just measured it. I guess I'll be running even more sag Aug 13, 2, 0. So, the Especially when the Faith, is cheaper, avail as a frameset, uses the same rear end, has the same wheelpath and travel and has a BB that is an Inch lower when you swap the links I'm not on crack, but I am amused by marketing hype!

Suspect has a good point. Mar 3, 1, 0 MA. Red Bull Turbo Monkey.

I don't have any of the specs yet, I am going to go see it in person this week. The glory was their top model in , and they had a green DH comp with This one looks like it might be considering the kinked top tube. been offered it cheapish, model? RRP? IIRC they were well regarded for what they are – more "light DH" than "freeride". Posted 9 years Got a place on the official giant team the year the athertons went to madison/ commencal. All IIRC, and Five Ten Impact Pro Review: Is the king of grip still king? April Downhill mountain bikes for sale: Used Giant DH Team Downhill Bike Key Specs. Model Year ; Frame size Large; Wheel Size 26". Giant DH Team single pivot four bar Downhill Full Suspension user reviews: Just remember that the runs a 12X rear hub as the older years DH. Giant - DH Team (). Brand Giant. Style Mountain bike, front & rear suspension. Year Sizes Xsmall, small, medium, large. Color(s) Team Blue.

this 2005 giant dh team review

The Giant DH Team is a full-suspension mountain bike with an aluminum Aluxx SL frame. The frame has a Team Blue finish. It was released in and. Frame: Giant DH Team. Misc.: Rear Shock: Manitou Swinger Coil 6-Way Shock. Fork: Manitou Dorado Pro. Headset: FSA Pig DH. Handlebar: Funn Fatboy. Any ideas of how much a Giant DH Comp would be worth these They look alright, and have read some good reviews, what are your opinions? The blue was the 04 dh team, and the green was the 06 dh comp. I have heard MANY good things about the Giant DH team, but havent heard much about the Glory (besides the glory hole ;)) I was looking. Colors, Team Blue. Item ID, Compare Review. Specifications Front Derailleur, Giant Custom DH Chainguide, chain retention device. Rear Derailleur​. (Will There Be) Revenge Of The Nerd Brands? michelin-wild-enduro-tires-​ajbarlasjpg Michelin Wild Enduro Tire Review. They extended the shock mount for / after lots of the Frames (​including mine) cracked there. Your frame looks like a sprayed up. Find out how much a Giant DH-Team bicycle is worth. Our Value Guide is constantly growing with pricing information and bicycle specs daily. Ideal for Downhill enthusiasts just starting out. Recently serviced entire bike including fork and rear shock. Also For Sale: THOR Force Full Face helmet (Few​.

2005 giant dh team review