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"Brainiac" is a five-issue comic book story arc written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank, that was published in Action Comics # by DC Comics in Genre: Superhero. Cover by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye. "Brainiac's Super-Revenge!" (Superman) written by Unknown, penciled by Curt Swan and inked by George Klein. Reprinted in . Find great deals on eBay for action comics brainiac. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay Logo: Superman Featured in Action Comics # Copper age. The Brainiac Trilogy part 1. out of 5 stars. 1 product rating - Superman Featured in Action Comics # Copper age. The Brainiac . "The Super-Duel in Space" (ACTION COMICS #, ) In Brainiac’s first appearance, it wasn’t known that he was an android, and he was assumed to be a biological being from another world. The green skinned alien came to Earth to shrink Metropolis down and make it part of his collection of shrunken alien cities, but was thwarted by Superman. Brainiac made his first comic book appearance in the pages of Action Comics # Brainiac's name was a combination of "brain" and "maniac", and his name is the origin of the word "brainiac" used.

Enjoy unlimited streaming access to original DC series with new episodes available weekly. Catch-up on Titans and Young Justice: Outsiders now. The all-new live action Doom Patrol premieres this February, with more originals to follow in Exclusively on DC Universe. From Action Comics 1 to Rebirth , DC Universe lets you add to your digital long box from a curated list of modern and classic digital comics. Our world-class, digital comic reader will change the way you read comics—especially when you enjoy it on your big screen TV. Krypton - Brainiac's Powers & Abilities Superman and his extended family plus Brainiac 5 were last in a battle against an alternate universe version of Parasite. It seemed that Parasite had killed Conner Kent, and was basically an unstoppable force. The FBI bbrainiac is action comics brainiac s in the background and it seems like everything there is waiting to be focused on in a later issue. The Red Action comics brainiac s also shows up, reminding the reader that she has always been the main threat behind the scenes. While the comic does end on a cliffhanger again, there is not much else to the comic other than the big battle. The idea of bios splash screen s new Parasite, and actiln universes, is interesting but it is all squandered in this issue. The brainisc comes and goes without much fanfare.

"Brainiac" is a five-issue comic book story arc written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank, that was published in Action Comics # by DC Comics. of Superman III, Ilya Salkind wrote a script in that Brainiac was was featured with Doomsday in Kevin Smith's version of the script. Superhuman Strength: Brainiac is frequently shown to possess incredible levels of strength that allow him to even overpower Superman while on his skullship. it. This is the Brainiac disambiguation page. Brainiac is a super-intelligent alien being from the planet Colu who has fought Superman many times. Extremely. Superman flies upward and catches the flying object. It rapidly transforms into skeletal form and into the familiar appearance of one of Brainiac 's foot soldiers.

action comics brainiac s You will learn the encyclopedia dellarte antica pdf of how Kandor became bottled, how Supergirl arrived, Brainiac's self-imposed action comics brainiac s on life and the fate of Kandor, and at what personal cost to Kal El. Action comics brainiac s review: view spoiler [Wow! Coomics read. The robots surround the city of Kandor and unleash an energy force-field. The beainiac name is a portmanteau of the words brain and maniac. Brainiac proceeded to use them to acquire a prototype OMAC unitwhich Bruce Wayne had developed through the use of Brainiac 13 nanotechnology. If you are outside the United States, please send me a conversation with your postal code and I will give you a quote for actual shipping costs. Brainiac's power and intelligence make him one of Superman’s most dangerous foes—both as a direct threat and as a constant reminder to the entire world of just . Brainiac's legacy was revealed in Action Comics # (May ), in a Legion of Super-Heroes back-up story. This story introduced a green-skinned, blond-haired teenager named Querl Dox, or Brainiac 5, who claimed to be Brainiac's 30th century luhost.xyzd by: Otto Binder, Al Plastino. Action Comics # First appearance of Brainiac, First appearance shrunken city of Kandor. Great Comic and Key Issue. If you would like other photos, please let me know and I will post them. The item “Action Comics # First appearance of Brainiac and shrunken city of Kandor” is in sale since Monday, April 22,

From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. Brainiac is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Brainiac is known for shrinking and stealing Kandor , the capital city of Superman's home planet Krypton , and is even responsible for Krypton's destruction in some continuities. The character's name is a portmanteau of the words brain and maniac.

In the comic strip story, Superman's foe was named Romado, who traveled the cosmos with an alien white monkey named Koko, shrinking major cities and keeping them in glass jars. The strip's Kryptonian bottled city was named Dur-El-Va. Brainiac is a bald, green-skinned humanoid who arrives on Earth and shrinks various cities, including Metropolis , storing them in bottles with the intent of using them to restore the then-unnamed planet he ruled.

Koko was quickly dropped from Brainiac's stories but a version of the monkey has made sporadic appearances as the villain's pet in the series Justice and the storyline "Brainiac" in Action Comics. The villain's descendant Brainiac 5 also had a pet named Koko for several stories in the s. In subsequent appearances in this early period, Brainiac was used mostly as a plot device rather than as a featured villain of the month.

Brainiac's next appearance was mostly behind the scenes, when he tried to kill Lois Lane and Lana Lang , prompting Superman to give Lois and Lana superpowers. But the villain remained unseen except as a plot twist at the end of the story. Brainiac's next appearance was in "Superman's Return to Krypton" in Superman November , in which the villain stole the bottle city of Kandor, the only city on Krypton that believes Jor-El's warning of doom for the planet, and which had already built a space ark within the city to save the population.

Brainiac's next present-day appearance was in Action Comics April , which showed the villain planning to defeat Superman by exposing him to both red and green kryptonite , giving Superman a third eye on the back of his head, forcing him to wear various hats to hide it. Superman soon defeated Brainiac and sent him off into the distant past.

In "Superboy" July , an infant Superman meets Brainiac, and it is explained that Brainiac looks the same due to his year life span. In superman issue 93, Brainiac regenerates himself. It is revealed that he came from a planet called Bryak and, after a voyage in space, he returned to find everybody dead from a plague. He intended to get people from other planets in shrunken cities to be enlarged with his growth ray to repopulate Bryak, where he would rule them.

This story introduced a green-skinned, blond-haired teenager named Querl Dox Brainiac 5 , who claimed to be Brainiac's 30th-century descendant. Unlike his ancestor, Brainiac 5 used his "twelfth-level intellect" for the forces of good and joined the Legion alongside Supergirl , with whom he fell in love.

His home planet was given variously as Bryak, [8] Yod or Colu. In Superman February , it was retconned that Brainiac was a robotic entity created by the Computer Tyrants of Colu to spy on and invade other worlds. To explain the introduction of the villain's living descendant Brainiac 5, the story reveals the Computer Tyrants provided the villain with an assistant, a young Coluan boy named Vril Dox tasked with masquerading as his "son" so others would believe Brainiac to be a trustworthy organic alien scientist with a family rather than a deadly robot.

The young boy Vril Dox was designated " Brainiac 2 ". In the same issue, the letter column contained a "special announcement" explaining that the change in the characterization of Brainiac was "in deference" to the "Brainiac Computer Kit", a toy computer created by Edmund Berkeley and based on the Geniac that predated the creation of the comic book character.

In this same story, Luthor discovers the Computer Tyrants could have given their robot villain a twelfth-level intellect but only gave him a tenth-level, the same as them, so he would not dominate them. Luthor frees Brainiac from imprisonment and increases his intelligence to a twelfth-level. He also implants a device to temporarily disable him or destroy him if necessary.

The two join forces, but Brainiac later removes the device and blocks out Luthor's memory of his inner workings and the fact that he is a machine. Meanwhile, Vril Dox leads a revolt against the Computer Tyrants, eventually destroying them and freeing Colu. Brainiac sees a monument to this when he returns to Colu later on. At some indeterminate point in time, Brainiac fled into the 30th century.

Developing the ability to absorb and manipulate massive amounts of stellar energy, he remade himself as "Pulsar Stargrave". After being revealed to be a robotic being, some Brainiac stories would end with the villain seemingly destroyed only for him to appear again in a repaired body or having transmitted his consciousness into a new robotic form. Since he was essentially a living computer program that could be housed in different forms if "killed," Brainiac was sometimes referred to on comic book covers as "the villain who won't die!

In the s, DC Comics attempted to re-define several aspects of Superman's stories to boost sagging sales. In Action Comics June—August , Lex Luthor acquires a renewed sense of purpose and dons high-tech "warsuit," while Brainiac is reimagined by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gil Kane and given a new appearance designed by Ed Hannigan.

In a previous story, Brainiac had constructed a giant, computer-controlled planet to destroy Superman only to then be defeated by the hero and then trapped in the planet's core. In Wolfman and Kane's story "Rebirth", published in Action Comics , Brainiac attempts to free himself by causing the nearby star to go nova and utilize its energy. Instead, his body is converted into energy; his living program, his consciousness, experiences a strange journey before returning to his technology where a new body is created for him over the next few months.

As Brainiac recollects, during his journey he saw a great hand reach out from a void, ensnaring him briefly before releasing him. He also remembers seeing Superman's face at the same time.

Reborn in a new body, the villain believes he has seen the Master Programmer, the divine force behind the universe's creation, and that this entity created Superman as an "angel of death" to destroy Brainiac.

More determined than ever to kill and study Superman, Brainiac now has a colder, more merciless, and robot-like personality than before he claims he is without emotions yet shows signs of hatred and fear in regards to Superman. His new body is overtly robotic with a skull-like face and a reflective, iridescent honeycomb -patterned "braincase. Brainiac retains this robotic appearance until after the Crisis on Infinite Earths miniseries ends in , rebooting DC Comics continuity.

Lex Luthor finds Brainiac's robotic head unit, barely with any power left. He hopes to team-up with the evil living program again, only to become an unwilling host body for Brainiac instead. Fighting Brainiac's control, Luthor begs a superpowered Lana Lang to kill him, who complies by breaking his neck.

Luthor dies and Brainiac retains control of the body for a short time until rigor mortis sets in. The Post- Crisis version of Brainiac was now a radical Coluan scientist called Vril Dox who, having attempted to overthrow the Computer Tyrants of Colu, was sentenced to death.

In his last moments before disintegration, his consciousness was attracted light years away to Milton Moses Fine , a human sideshow mentalist who worked under the alias "The Amazing Brainiac". He discovered that Fine had genuine psychic powers and was thus a metahuman , which he frequently wielded against Superman. In , Brainiac is able to take over the minds of several LexCorp staffers. He makes the scientists create a new version of the skull ship saying he thought of the design "in a dream" and use advanced genetic science to grow a new body for himself, resembling Milton Fine's form but taller, more physically fit, and with the green skin of a Coluan.

He also has a new braincase helmet that resembles his Silver Age diodes. Now free of Fine's body and consciousness completely but still possessing the man's metahuman telepathic powers, Brainiac confronted Superman and then left Earth to plan another attack. Brainiac returned in the "Panic in the Sky" storyline after seizing control of the mobile planetary fortress Warworld and recruiting assistance from Maxima and the alien warrior Draaga.

Discovering a lost and confused Matrix an artificial life form who at this time operates as Supergirl , Brainiac brainwashes her into becoming his soldier. He clashes with the New Gods and then launches a pre-emptive strike on Earth. Supergirl and the other heroes are freed from mental control and the villain is rendered catatonic. A year after the seeming death and then return of Superman, a dead body matching the Kryptonian's appearance is found in his abandoned tomb, leading some to wonder if the hero's return was a deception.

While hidden, he created more delusions to turn the public against Superman and make the hero question his own sanity. Fine's personality seemingly emerges and shuts down the Brainiac persona. Fine was then escorted off to a psychiatric facility. During a later skirmish with Superman, Fine's body is irreparably damaged, leaving Brainiac with only a short time to live.

With help from a new Coluan assistant named Prin Vnok, Brainiac retrieves Doomsday , the monster that seemingly killed Superman before, and uses him as a new host body. Now a cunning psychic with a super-strong, near-indestructible body, Brainiac attacks the Justice League.

But Doomsday's own raging mind fights back and Brainiac realizes he still needs a suitable host. Brainiac sees this as an opportunity for revenge, correctly concluding that Ross and Lang are close to him. Using a 'psi-blocker' device, Superman thwarts Brianiac's plans and the villain is forced to house his consciousness within a completely robotic body. Dubbing his new form Brainiac 2.

At the turn of the millennium , Brainiac 2. This virus was intended to dramatically boost his abilities. However, the virus instead allowed his upgraded future self, Brainiac 13 or " B " , to travel from the 64th century to the present day and take control of Brainiac 2. Brainiac 13 then began transforming Metropolis into the 64th-century version of the city, which he controlled, and also began upgrading Metallo into a giant-sized version of himself.

Brainiac 13 then took control of several android superheroes, such as the Red Tornado and Hourman , and used them against Superman.

The Metal Men 's responsometers were able to protect them from his programming, and allowed them to help defeat Metallo. During a fight with the Eradicator who was attempting to 'hijack' the B13 virus and use it for its own ends , Superman discovered that Brainiac 13 could not cope with Kryptonian technology, due to incompatibility issues.

This gave Superman a plan to stop Brainiac 13's scheme. With the aid of the rebuilt Kelex , Superman tricked Luthor into connecting a Kryptonian battlesuit to one of Brainiac 13's power conduits. Kelex then reactivated the Red Tornado to help Superman break Brainiac 13 down into his respective nanobots and trap him in the suit. Brainiac 13 was able to work with Brainiac 2.

The Brainiacs successfully engineered Imperiex's defeat, allowing Brainiac 13 to absorb Imperiex's power and use it to overpower the combined heroes and villains of the universe while simultaneously devastating both Earth and Apokolips. Brainiac 13 planned to use the power he stole from Imperiex to conquer the universe and reshape it in his image, and is made so powerful by the absorption that none of the heroes, not even Superman, can hope to damage him.

Brainiac 13 had his body disintegrated and the remnants of his mind scattered across sixty trillion light years, finally killing the chronologically last known version of Brainiac. After the death of Brainiac 13, Superman discovered that the version of Krypton he previously visited via the Phantom Zone was, in fact, a trap created by Brainiac Having been defeated by Kryptonian technology, Brainiac 13 had traveled back in time to the real Krypton prior to its destruction.

There, he stole the Eradicator matrix and Jor-El 's diaries, and created a false Krypton based on Jor-El's favorite period in history. Sometime later, Superman traveled into the future and battled Brainiac He learned that everything Brainiac 13 did in the past was designed to ensure things reached the point where Brainiac 13 would be created. Brainiac 12's defeat before his upgrade apparently reversed the advances Brainiac 13 had made to Metropolis. Around the time of the Graduation Day event, a future version of Brainiac, called Brainiac 6 , used his "granddaughter", Brainiac 8 also known as Indigo , to kill Donna Troy in order to ensure the fate of Colu.

Indigo then infiltrated the Outsiders until she attacked the team, along with Brainiac 6 and his allies, Lex Luthor, and a brainwashed Superboy , who had attacked the Teen Titans. In the ensuing battle, Indigo died and Superboy broke away from the brainwashing, while Luthor escaped. While his ship was destroyed, Brainiac's condition and whereabouts after the battle are unknown. Later stories revealed that elements of Brainiac's Pre- Crisis history occurred in the Post- Crisis character's history prior to his possession of Milton Moses Fine and his first encounter with Superman.

The citizens of Kandor recall that Brainiac stole their city from Krypton, and not the alien wizard Tolos.

Brainiac is out in the universe gobbling up cultures, destroying worlds and putting cities, like Krypton's Kandor, in bottles so Superman heads off to stop him once. Brainiac is vastly intelligent and driven by pure, unwavering logic. Superman must utilize all of his powers when battling against the villain and his army of robot. Grade 9 Up–Facing off once again with his old foe Brainiac, Superman is shocked to learn that the coldly logical supervillain was responsible for the. Superman: Brainiac and millions of other books are available for Amazon .. He discovered that Brainiac is collecting various cities from problem hundred or. Brainiac is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, the character debuted in Action Comics # in July

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"Brainiac" is a five-issue comic book story arc written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank, published in Action Comics # by American company. Brainiac is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, the character debuted in Action. Superman is actually trapped aboard Brainiac's Skull Ship where he is being examined by Brainiac Probes. He has dreams of cities being captured and planets. Thirty-five later Superman is on Earth. Then a mysterious robots appears on Earth. It belong to a mysterious being known as Brainiac. Superman has a piece of a. Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor may be the smartest criminal mind on Earth, but his intellect is no match for the alien artificial intelligence known as Brainiac. Brainiac is out in the universe gobbling up cultures, destroying worlds and putting cities, like Krypton's Kandor, in bottles so Superman heads off to stop him once. He is regularly portrayed as one of Superman's arch-nemesis (a trait he shares with Lex Luthor and General Zod) as well as Supergirl due to his actions on the. My name is John and I am into Comics, Movies, Artwork, Painting, Rock'n'Roll and Music in General and Pop-Culture in particular. I enjoy polite discussions and. Brainiac is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC The first Brainiac/Kandor comic book story in Action Comics # (July ).In the beginning of "Brainiac's Blitz", Supergirl wonders if she'll join the League someday. Although she took part in joint missions, though, she wouldn't become a full-fledged member until See Also. Write your own review of this comic! Discuss Action Comics Vol 1 on the forums; Cover gallery for the Action Comics series; Recommended. The amazing "Brainiac"storyline from ACTION COMICS # is collected in this spectacular new hardcover! Written by Geoff Johns and featuring art by Gary Frank and Jon Sibal, this is the hard-hitting story that revitalized one of Superman's greatest foes – and brought the bottle city of Kandor to Earth, setting the stage for the storyline "New Krypton.". Aug 30,  · Tim’s Thoughts Brain Michael Bendis continues to write aggressively mediocre comics. The idea of the new Parasite, and alternate universes, is interesting but it is all squandered in this issue. The threat comes and goes without much fanfare. To make matters worse the book opens with way too much exposition from Brainiac /

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