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Thank you it was excellent. Ice Hockey is my favorite sport and EA always does a great job with the NHL games. Sometimes though its people like you that make the game more fun to play cause of the moves that you explain how to perform ie. the puck chop. I hope there are more videos on NHL . Sep 04,  · NHL 13 Xbox Controls Cheat Sheet. All the controls in one easy to find place with a coaching guide. I find it easier if you have all the controls in front of you instead of having to dig through the game’s menu. This was originally posted 4 years ago on my old blog. Dear gamers, I don’t charge, I don’t have a Patreon; but it would make my day if you all at least shared with your. 12 my NHL 13 1 NHL 13 2 CompLete CoNtroLs 6 oN tHe iCe 7 NeW aNd improVed features! 8 pLay NoW Be a pro Create your own player or take over the career of a real-life NHL or CHL™ player. Look for Play through a complete season of any league in NHL 13 including the NHL, AHL, any of the European leagues, and the CHL. Game Modes. NHL 13, like many of the other games in the series, includes a season game mode, playoffs, practice, GM Connected, Be a Pro, Hockey Ultimate Team, NHL Moments Live, and EASports Hockey League. If playing on Xbox Xbox Live may be required to Developer(s): EA Canada. Oct 22,  · The first thing I do whenever I get a new NHL game is change the visual and controller settings. NHL 19 was no different. EA, understandably, sets the default settings for a brand new player. Settings for a brand new player aren’t necessarily the best for someone experienced. If a visual or controller setting isn’t [ ].

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Note: All shooting controls are based on players moving toward the top of the game screen. menu in Settings, found in My NHL® 13 and the pause menu. . Play ranked drop-in games with your created pro, and then join or create a team in. It's what all hockey fans have always dreamed of, lacing up the skates and donning a jersey for one of the 30 teams in the NHL. In Be a Pro. NHL 13 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. NHL Moments Live; Changes to Be a Pro and Hockey Ultimate Team. Controls. NHL 15 Basic Controls. PlayStation: Offensive Controls: NHL 15 Advanced Controls. Offensive Controls: . January 13, at am. How do. all the achievements for NHL 13 in the most comprehensive achievement guide on the Play and win any NHL® player trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro.

be a pro controls nhl 13 Buyer's Guide. Most of the other game modes from what I have played are the same and is completely fine with me since if it ain't broke don't fix it. December 11, at pm. October 26, at pm. The biggest adjustment to this year with HUT is that your contrlls do not expire and you can build a stronger team over time. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for NHL 13 for PlayStation 3 (PS3). The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for NHL 13 for Xbox

So, if this your first NHL hockey game, everything in it is new to you and you may or may not have an appreciation for the journey that video game hockey has taken. For those of you who have been waiting for significant improvements in the game since, oh around NHL , this game is a solid step in the right direction.

The biggest advertised improvement is the new skating engine. Sure, it was fun to pretend that Hal Gill can start and stop on a dime with the skating savvy of a slightly younger Paul Coffey. In NHL 13 , the great skaters can really skate while Gill is reduced to a more realistic version of himself: over-sized pylon with an eight-foot twig.

The graphics always look a little sharper with each new edition of the series, and there are always smaller-scale, more detail additions to the game, which make an NHL work stoppage slightly more tolerable. Oh yes! Here are the top 25 most awesome features of the new NHL Since back surgery halted my blossoming beer-league career, I've enjoyed the player creation part of the game.

The NHL 13 options have increased choices to make your player look more like yourself than the creepy game-face option from a few years ago. When you reach a certain age, you count on your video likeness to win the scoring titles and hearts of dozens. Sure, I'm younger and stronger, faster and possibly more handsome in the NHL 13 world of make believe, but I can grow a better-looking mustache than EA can slap on my likeness.

The new skating is pretty cool, and it actually looks like real hockey. It is miles better than NHL 12 I still need to trade it in , which I popped in just to see the difference. Players skate the way they do in real life, which means that if you are chasing a loose puck with Carl Hagelin, you'll get to it before lead-footed Jody Shelley. The skating is also affected when you are trying to maneuver with the puck.

The Crosbys and Datsyuks of the world are going to be more effective when maneuvering laterally or through traffic with the puck. The backwards skating option with the R2 button adds a pile of moves to your deking arsenal and, obviously, when defending your zone.

I suggest some quality time in practice mode with your new skates before you hit the ice for a game. These are the nerdy detail things that I love about the game. The authentic arenas right down to the banners hanging in the rafters, the real goal horns blaring after a home team score and even arena-specific crowd chants make you feel like you are literally at the arena. The player ratings that drew so much scrutiny from a previous article written by some guy with a name like mine were given a makeover, too.

Last year's rating categories were based on offense, defense and athleticism. This year, there are six rating categories: shooting, puck skills, senses, skating, physical and defense. There are then sub-categories for each focusing on each player attribute that contribute to a player's rating. I might have missed it, but I think that head size was also included in the rating system. This would explain Dion Phaneuf's 89 rating. This is probably the coolest innovation in the game in theory, but it definitely has some wrinkles to iron out.

The GM Connected mode allows you to run a team online with other online general managers. You can either play or simulate games, but it gives you the control to run your franchise against live opponents. There is an app for the iPhone that allows you to track and even manage somewhat your team from your phone. In theory, it's a pretty sweet concept. The only problem seems to be with the menu loading times. I expect that to either be worked out this year or next year, but it's a huge step in a very cool direction.

Kind of neutral on this part of the game, but it's still a pretty cool concept. You have an opportunity to match certain historical feats in NHL history—well, at least two to start out with. The rest were significant come-from-behind wins. The coolest part of this feature is that it is set up to use "moments" from the current year as the season progresses.

Hockey Ultimate Team is a trading card type of game where you are assigned certain player cards and then have to use them to build your team. It's an online mode that the franchise has used for a couple of years. The biggest adjustment to this year with HUT is that your cards do not expire and you can build a stronger team over time. Another favorite of mine is the new "brain" given to the computer general managers in the game. Though they are obviously pre-scripted, the computer will give you a funny and borderline insulting quip if you offer an unsatisfactory trade.

In layman's terms, the new general manager is more of a Ken Holland than a Garth Snow. If you aren't sure about the difference with those two, then maybe you shouldn't be buying a hockey game.

The EA Sports Hockey League is an online format where you can compete as a team or a player among online players on a team. I never really got into this mode too much before simply because it seemed to play a little slow and there was always something that caused me to get bumped offline.

Maybe it was my dial-up Internet? At any rate, there are some improvements over the previous versions, including your ability to use your pro in the games and get quicker upgrades to increase your player's performance level. The Be a Pro mode was a groundbreaking mode brought introduced in where you could really immerse yourself as an individual player into the game.

You could pretty much start out at any level but were ultimately at the mercy of a lot of variables to develop your player. This year's modifications to the mode include the ability to request a trade, retire whenever you want to, play multiple seasons in the CHL and the Be a Legend mode. The Legend mode requires you to reach certain levels in your Be a Pro mode to unlock the legends. So if you want to re-do Gretzky's career, plan on investing some serious time in this mode.

The overall goalie play in NHL 13 is vastly improved with both the goalie play and your ability to control the goalie. The stick controls of the goalies are more fluid now and give you a fuller, more realistic range of motion on saves. Goalies also now give up realistic rebounds instead of the "velcro goalie" of years past where the puck would just randomly stick to a pad on a shot.

If that sounds like it is easier to score, consider that the computer-controlled defensemen have also been given the AI to clear rebounds just as quickly as they bounce off a pad.

This is another detail thing that used to drive me crazy, but EA has gotten so good at it lately. The players actually look like the real players now.

There are a couple of glaring exceptions that may have you do a double take, but for the most part, EA did a great job here. It's cool to go up against Zdeno Chara or a Sedin when they actually look like that player.

Begrudgingly, I finally stopped using the controls option and got used to the game stick. EA has put so much into the stick development that you literally lose about 85 percent of your players skill and maneuvers by not using the skill stick.

It was sort of like re-learning how to play the game, but it's well worth it when you see all the new moves, dekes and shots you can do.

Now, Datsyuk can almost really play like Datsyuk when I control him. With the new gameplay presentation, EA also gave us a new camera angle with the True Broadcast camera. This angle looks like a legitimate television presentation and really enhances all of the little nuances where the graphics have evolved. Again, I'm a total nerd for the realism of the game, and the new camera angle provides that.

One of the best features of the NHL itself is just as fun to play in the video game. Unfortunately, the Winter Classic is a year behind in the EA Sports world, but it's still a really cool mode to the game.

You can play the original game itself or put your own custom team on the ice. Ever the progressive company, EA has introduced two playable female players in this year's game. Hayley Wickenheiser and Angela Ruggiero will appear along with the other all-time hockey greats with the Legends. As I have alluded to before, I love the little details about a sports game. Considering I never played professionally, this is about as close as my rickety old backside will come to skating at the Joe Louis arena for a Game 7 playoff game.

Part of what makes that enjoyable is customizing the game and the AI to meet my playing level. Having to learn to use the game sticks to play has lowered my level to somewhere between rookie and pro level. What could be a hair-pulling, controller-smashing endeavor is made more enjoyable by making the game as user friendly as possible. The novelty of playing with the Legends is pretty cool if you've gotten bored, or you can always add them to your dynasty roster and play a career with them.

Sorry if it brings out my inner caveman, but I love the fact that it is a lot easier to pick a fight in this game than its predecessors. When you get frustrated by your opponent or just happen to hate the player on the other team, you can pretty much just go up to him and facewash them. Again, apologies to the anti-violence people who think that fighting should be banned, but it's a video game, folks. The best way to describe this is that there is no pattern to any game and that each game is unique.

Video games can get repetitive at times, and there is no greater compliment to pay a hockey game than to say that it perfectly represents the chaos that occurs at times in real hockey games.

The mad scramble for a loose puck in front of the goal or along the boards actually happens in NHL That is the chaos that seemed to be missing from previous hockey games. Laugh if you want, but this game is going to get a lot of people through the stupid lockout. Perhaps a suggestion for the EA game designers would be to choose your Cup presenter. The generic choices could be the President, the league commissioner, of course, or maybe have Gretzky hand it out.

He seems like he's looking for a job these days. I mean, that's a fancy night on the town at the local Sizzler for me and my lady friend. The price for almost everything else has gone up, but NHL 13 is no more expensive today than it was 10 years ago. That's a good thing. Has this ever happened to you? I literally laughed out loud when I watched this because the exact same thing has happened to me about six times.

I'm not kidding. The defensive-zone faceoff goal with less than five seconds has sent me into a tirade more times than I care to remember. None so far that I have seen other than this in practice mode.

I'm having an issue where I'll suddenly lose control of my player. He then skates to the bench and ends his shift. It's driving me Any ideas?. The front page of EA Sports NHL. Operation Sports NHL Forums [XBL] NHL 13 Controls Reference Sheet for Xbox ( Note: All shooting controls are based on players moving toward the top of the game screen. menu in Settings, found in My NHL® 13 and the pause menu. Be a pro. Create your own player or take over the career of a real-life NHL or CHL™. I'm having an issue where I'll suddenly lose control of my player. He then skates to the bench and ends his shift. It's driving me Any ideas? In NHL 13, the great skaters can really skate while Gill is reduced to a more You can either play or simulate games, but it gives you the control to run your The Be a Pro mode was a groundbreaking mode brought introduced in where.

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12 votes, 14 comments. Hey guys, I started a Be a Pro file as a goalie as I've never really tried being one in any past NHL games. Started out in . Be a Pro: Players are now able to demand a trade from their team. Players can also retire at any point in their season/career. Refined goalie controls: Previous. NHL 13 is an ice hockey video game developed by EA Canada published by EA Sports. It is the Be a Pro: Players are now able to demand a trade from their teams. Once the user Refined goalie controls: In previous games of the current NHL generation, the right stick was used to make a manual save. In NHL 13 the. I turned to NHL 13's 'Be a Pro' mode – which gives you a single player to control. My feeling was that playing as one man (or, for the first time. NHL 13 - Xbox Video Games. With a new layer of creativity added in-game, combined with control offered by Be a Pro and the EA SPORTS Hockey League return, with improved matchmaking, EASHL Club Captaincy. NHL 16 Goalie Guide: By: Deffer and Introduction to the Controls: – Moves the In NHL 13 Be a Pro, i usually shift a tiny bit out of position so i know where the.

be a pro controls nhl 13